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hi, i'm katherine.

I'm a Strategist at Mekanism San Francisco. 

Before that, I freelanced with 72andSunny and JOJA.

And even before that, I lived in New York, Virginia, and Rhode Island.

Download my resume.


good, clean, fun facts


I have a souvenir spoon collection I inherited from my grandparents. I have to get a spoon from every place I travel, even if that means stopping by a Hudson News on an airport layover.

I named my cat Pooka after the dog in Anastasia. My seven-year-old self would be very proud I kept our promise.

I lived in New York for 8 years, so I didn't drive a car for 8 years. One of my first times back behind the wheel was a 9-hour drive to Richmond.

I’m a big fan of all things space. Sci-fi shows, alien conspiracy theories, intergalactic travel… you name it, I’ll talk about it.