LOGOS That could have been


Last year I asked Maria to design a logo for me.  She gave me a lot of great options, and I ultimately chose the one you see me using today.

But there were so many others that perfectly captured my love of space and the unknown that I couldn’t just toss out.

Take a closer look at each no-go to see why I loved it, but didn’t choose it.


Why I love it: Because every alien needs a tagline.
Why it's a no-go: An outsider would know nothing about my love of space, and probably see this as a tagline confirming my species. 

Why I love it: I mean... it's a UFO beaming up a cat.
Why it's a no-go: I've got some explaining to do.

Why I love it: The Spock-style is a nice balance of weird, chill, and refined.
Why it's a no-go: I've never watched Star Trek.  More of a Star Wars gal.

Why I love it: It's a less terrestrial, more witchy approach.
Why it's a no-go: The 'K' kind of looks like two feet doing a kick in the air, and now that's all I can see.


Designed and gifted to me by Maria Kouninski, Art Director