Innovate a product for Subaru through a partnership with IBM



What does each brand bring to the table?




Subaru is known for its "soft-roader" vehicles and core of outdoorsy drivers.  These drivers are often getting behind the wheel to travel the open road.  They love Subaru's in-vehicle technologies, which keep them safe and entertained on-route to their destination.

Deliver more meaningful tech initiatives to its drivers


IBM is traditionally known for its legacy in computer hardware and software.  Recently the brand has been expanding its interactive design sector with new cloud computing and video streaming initiatives.

Get users engaging with its technologies beyond a screen



What problem can the brands solve together?



We talked to Subaru drivers and found two key learnings:

Documenting the trip is part of the adventure.
Part of the fun in traveling is cataloguing the trip, to share with friends and relive after it's over. 

The destination is only half the journey.
Drivers love the trip to their destination - the open road that got them there - as much as the destination itself.



Subaru drivers can't appreciate or document the road to their destination when they're stuck behind the wheel.

Open Road Explorers

  • Adventurous and tech-savvy Subaru drivers
  • Curious and open to trying new things, from exploring a mountain to tinkering with a gadget
  • Rely on technology to help them document, share, and relive their explorations


IBM can provide these drivers with a product that documents their entire trip, so they can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.



Give the gift of hands-free adventure.



What can the brands create?



Meet FalcO

Falco is a 360-degree smart camera that attaches to the roof of a Subaru.

  • The device runs on car battery power, recording video and images of the cars surroundings when the vehicle is on.
  • With the help of IBM’s recording and storage technologies, drivers can document their entire trip and access footage at any time.
  • It gives drivers a hands-free, birds-eye view of their travels.

Features: Car mount, 32GB of free cloud storage, motion detection, GPS, and alert notifications.


Using the Falco app


Falco also functions as a tech assistant for your car.

  • It pairs with Subaru's Starlink system to provide additional in-vehicle safety features, like emergency braking and crash prevention.
  • The Falco app uses IBM’s cloud technologies to let users manage the device from their phones.  Users can review, edit, and share footage in real-time.

Site design




  • Profits off camera sales and drives new car sales
  • Solidifies its position in the market as an adventure-lifestyle brand
  • Gives its loyal customers meaningful in-vehicle technology


  • Makes commission on camera sales and additional cloud storage
  • Strengthens its interactive design offerings in its brand portfolio
  • Establishes a presence with a brand new audience

Strategy  Katherine Gannon, Lauren Tresco  |  Experience Design  Shawn Hurley, Keilani Mansfield  |  Rendering  Frank Garguilo